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Request Refund Credit

To our guests – the last couple of years have been exceedingly hard on us all. One side effect of the COVID pandemic is that the hospitality industry has taken a huge hit with guests expecting refunds/credits outside the terms set in cancellation policies.

Cozy Hills is receiving an average of 10 refunds/credit requests a WEEK, each asking for a special exception. We understand that occasionally an unavoidable tragedy occurs and we do our best to help those guests. Please submit this form when you are seeking a refund or credit outside of our cancellation policy.

Several things to note:

We are not able to offer refunds for COVID. COVID has been a part of our world for a substantial period of time and we all need to live with the uncertainty it brings.

If there has been a death in the family – we are truly, truly so sorry you are experiencing a loss – please email the obituary to

Unless the campground closes due to a hurricane, etc. we do not refund for the weather.

If you are seeking a refund for non-weather, non-COVID related reasons, please provide the following: