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About Us

Nestled in the natural beauty of the Litchfield Hills in Bantam, CT, Cozy Hills Campground welcomes all types of camping enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a place to stay for one night, a weekend, or the six-month season we can accommodate! Bring your own tent, trailer, or even large motor home, or perhaps camp the easy way and rent one of our ten RVs or Cabins! Spend your time with us enjoying the natural wooded campground facilities, entertainment or investigate all the diverse attractions that are available in the northwest corner of Connecticut! While the property FEELS like camping, it is loaded with well-maintained amenities, from outdoor laser tag, fishing ponds, in-ground pool, arcade, restaurant, store, pavilion, to the playground and so much more!

History: The Cozy Hills property was originally owned by helicopter great Igor Sikorsky. Around 1950 Sikorsky donated the property to the Girl Scouts. They camped here for approximately 20 years and then sold the facility as they grew weary of maintaining the facility. Purchased by the Dauphinais family, they turned it into a private campground in 1963. The campground changed hands several times and was even closed for about 10 years! It briefly operated as Looking Glass Campground in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The late Duane Caldwell purchased the grounds in 2007 and energetically set about reestablishing it as a campground. Duane made incredible progress and operated Cozy until his passing in 2013.

About Us: Husband and wife team, Dan Mahieu and Lelah Campo purchased Cozy Hills in 2014 and have been investing time and financial resources to take this special campground to the next level!

Lelah is the lead at Cozy Hills, and has experience in business ownership, construction, and event planning that all suit campground ownership well! Originally from California, Lelah has lived in Connecticut for nearly 30 years. She ran a statewide trade association for construction companies for 10 years, and before that was an owner in a family concrete business. She has been recognized for her business experience, winning the HBJ 40 under 40, and Construction Industry Person of the Year. Dan has spent most of his life in Litchfield and for thirty years has been a part of the electrical construction industry and is now a partner in a local firm. He does occasionally get drafted for electrical repairs, and if asked, tells campers he’s just the maintenance guy! Dan has served Litchfield for twenty years as a volunteer fire person and on the Capital Improvement Commission. Together they have three children and one grandchild, and they look forward to years of ownership at Cozy with plans of expansion and new amenities!

Dan and Lelah

Campground Owner’s Dan and Lelah

Welcome to Cozy Hills

We hope your time is filled with fun and makes great family memories!