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Seasonal Camping: Frequently Asked Questions


For those of you that may be new to camping or just be new to us, we wish to share that we own and operate both Cozy Hills Campground here in Bantam/Litchfield, as well as our sister campground, Skyridge Trails, located along the neighboring Torrington/Goshen line. This year, we are excited to announce the conversion of about 10 sites at Cozy Hills and approximately 25 sites at Skyridge Trails from short-stay campsite to seasonal campsites, and we are offering these opportunities early to our seasonal waitlist applicants!

Please note that we use a sorting process when determining who will receive a seasonal site and which specific site it will be. We do try to prioritize campers who have stayed with us before and had positive experiences, because we know that we fit their needs, but we also understand that some people live far away, etc. and it is not possible to have camped with us before. We also aim to balance our community by including a mix of snowbirds and local families.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully welcoming you to our campgrounds for the 2025 season!

Please read the below FAQs for detailed information.

If you would like to apply to be a seasonal camper with us, please click on the following link: Seasonal Interest Form

What are the seasonal site openings available at Cozy Hills and our sister location, Skyridge Trails Campgrounds?

We are offering seasonal sites at both Cozy Hills Campground in Bantam/Litchfield and our newly opened Skyridge Trails Campground on the Goshen/Torrington line.

Why should I choose a seasonal site?

· Convenience: Enjoy the ease of having a dedicated site for the entire camping season

· Community: Become part of a welcoming community with fellow campers.

· Activities: Participate in a variety of activities and themed events tailored for families and individuals of all ages.

· Pet-Friendly: Bring along your furry friends for the adventure!

What does Cozy Hills Campground offer?

Nestled in the hills of Northwest Connecticut, Cozy Hills Campground offers a blend of rustic charm and modern amenities. With activities like outdoor laser tag, archery lessons, rock climbing, and more, there’s something for everyone. Cozy does five-day-a-week activities in the summer (Thursdays – Mondays) from the end of June through August. Cozy has a pool, a fishing pond, gaga ball and playgrounds, a restaurant, an arcade, mega slide, a dog park, and even a bike track!

What does Skyridge Trails Campground offer?

Our newest addition, Skyridge Trails Campground, is set on a stunning 365-acre property. Enjoy expansive sky views, serene meadows, and hidden ponds teeming with wildlife. It’s an ideal place to reconnect with nature while enjoying all the comforts of a modern campground. Our campers also tell us it is fun to watch it grow and evolve! It has a playground, gaga ball, jump pillow, a huge white sand bottom swim pond, a fishing pond and more amenities and activities coming ‘online’ as it matures.

How can I secure my seasonal site?

Given the high demand, seasonal campsite openings tend to fill quickly. If you are interested in securing a seasonal site at either Cozy Hills or Skyridge Trails, please complete our seasonal interest form, available at the following link: Seasonal Interest Form

How much is a seasonal site?

Payment plans and sites do vary, but seasonal campsite pricing will start at approximately $5,000 for the 2025 season, plus electric and propane.

Can I store my camper on site over the winter and if so is that included?

At Cozy Hills, eligible campers may store their RV on site, for a fee of $250 + tax.

At Skyridge the City has a specific requirement that we do not allow on-site storage of RVs during the winter, so all seasonal campers must make their own arrangements to remove and store their RVs off-site during the winter.


Can we check on our campers over the winter?

At Skyridge Trails, we are unable to offer winter storage for RVs, and all seasonal campers must store their RV’s off-site. As a result, we will not be allowing access into Skyridge Trails during the winter months.

At Cozy Hills, we do allow campers who are storing their units to check on them, but by appointment only. Usually, we reach out to our seasonal campers storing on-site with a one week appointment window each month and let folks book time slots. Please note: We do not plow the seasonal sections of Cozy Hills during the winter, so if there are heavy snow/ice accumulations or otherwise unsafe road conditions, appointment windows will not be offered until conditions improve.

When will we hear back if we submit an interest form?

For 2025 applicants: Within a few weeks – you can also email for additional information or updates.

For 2026 and beyond, we will generally begin reaching out to new seasonal applicants around mid to late August, as this is when we generally complete our seasonal renewal process for current seasonals and we will know which campsites will be available for the following season.


Do you have an age restriction for our camper?

Like many campgrounds, we do enforce a model year age restriction for new seasonal campers.

At Cozy Hills, we will accept campers as old as 10 model years.

At Skyridge Trails, if it is in excellent condition we will accept campers as old as 15 model years. The difference is that at Skyridge you cannot winter over, so we don’t need to be concerned about an overwinter issue with an older unit.

Do you allow golf carts for seasonal campers?

Yes, electric golf carts are allowed for seasonal campers at both campgrounds. We do not allow gas powered golf carts.

Details regarding proper lighting, numbering, insurance requirements, etc. will be provided to new seasonal campers as part of their seasonal agreement.

What hook ups do you offer?

At Skyridge Trails, all campsites are full hookup with 20/30/50 AMP electric, fresh water, and full sewer hookups.

At Cozy Hills, there is a mixture of full hookup and gray water only sites, as well as a mixture of 20/30 AMP and 20/30/50 AMP electric sites. All campsites have a fresh water connection.

Do you have Cable or WIFI?

Both parks have WIFI, but no cable.

Can we have a shed or deck?

Yes, with some restrictions regarding size, color and construction methods.

If accepted, when can we move into our seasonal site?

At Cozy Hills you may move in either the week after we close in mid-October or on opening day in mid-April. We generally do not allow move-ins at any other point at Cozy. New seasonals will get free winter storage for their first season at Cozy!

At Skyridge Trails, we are open until November 11th! We are offering a 60% discount on our ‘Autumn Encore’ (camp from October 18th to November 11th, weekends only) for new seasonals so you can settle into your new site* and bring your shed, deck etc. Remember, the camper would still have to be removed for the winter season, but you would be ahead of the game for the 2025 season with your layout, etc.! You would pay just $260 to extend your camping season by four weekends! Please note: availability for autumn encore on your 2025 seasonal campsite is subject to availability and may not be available for all guests.

How will the exact site selection process work?

Once we have reached out to you after you have completed our seasonal interest form, we will set up an appointment with you for a tour(s)!

From there you can place a deposit for “a” site at Cozy, or place a deposit and pick your exact site at Skyridge.

At Cozy, our existing seasonals will have a chance to change sites if they chose, and after that we will reach out to all those with deposits and begin the exciting specific site selection!